Good conversations echo. Some of the best are structured, inspired, or both. Part of the lingering message, the kind that moves through us like water – quenching and feeding and changing us – part of that message is the quality of the people sending it.

They are experienced and have personal – in their bones wisdom to share. Part of that message is the quality of the experience they had, and part of that message is the way they share it. If it’s a lecture, we resist. If it’s a story, we are drawn along, and we move to the places the storyteller has gone.

A simple way to describe a good mastermind is a container of trust, filled with people with good intentions and positive regard for one another, and with relevant stories to share. Stuff we can go act on and get good results, sometimes refrain from acting on and messing up.

We have a few structures you may find useful in gathering in a mastermind. We’ll put you with good people who can benefit from your experience, and who you can benefit from listening to also. We’ll be glad to share more details when we meet and talk about if it’s the right time for you.



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Meet the people who make GeniusDen what it is

Joe Payton President, GeniusDen

Joe coordinates learning opportunities so GeniusDen Members can meet with advisors, mentors, and investors with core startup knowledge. When  he can, he connects GeniusDen Members to customers, vendors, and capital.

George DiGianni Chief Executive Officer, Genetic Direction

George is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the wellness/fitness industry. He is an author, radio show host and motivational speaker with a passion for educating people on how to be their best self.

Edwin Mayfield, Jr. President, Genetic Direction

Edwin has over 25 years of business and technology strategy consulting experience. His passion is wellness and fitness, both as an executive advisor, investor and entrepreneur.

Scott Thompson Chief Operating Officer, Genetic Direction

Scott has more than 20 years of business and technology experience, both as an entrepreneur in the population health management industry and as a technology consultant.

Tim Church Chief Medical Officer, Genetic Direction

As a distinguished researcher and specialist in public health and general preventive medicine, Dr. Tim ranks among the country’s most accomplished medical professionals, earning numerous distinctions as a physician, scientist, professor, patent holder, author and civil servant.

Jessica Burnham Executive Director, Deep Ellum Foundation

With an MFA in Design Research from UNT, Jessica has been directing community engagement efforts since 2014. Currently working on behalf of the Deep Ellum Foundation, Jessica’s role allows her to enhance and improve Deep Ellum, while maintaining the public safety of the community.

Emily Vanderstraaten Progr & Mktg Coordinator, Deep Ellum Foundation

A recent marketing graduate from UT Austin, Emily began her career interning at the Chateau La Coste winery in France. She now coordinates programs and marketing campaigns for the Deep Ellum Foundation.

José Suaste Furious Lead Creative, Fury Fellowship

A branding specialist of 15 years, José owns Fury Fellowship since 2008. Whether it’s a new product or a company in need of rebranding, professional services are provided – focusing on strategy, content, and design for new and expanding companies alike.

Sarah Angelette Account Director, Kargo

Sarah has invested five years in the advertising industry. Joining the Kargo startup in NY and being the first salesman, she has been dedicated to its rapid growth. She has since brought Kargo to Dallas – represent the entire South East region.

Brittani Hall Account Manager, Kargo

Having worked in various advertising agencies, primarily in Kansas city, Brittani has been in the ad tech industry for a total of 8 years. She is now the first Kargo account manager representing the SE region in Dallas.

Stephen Governale Sales Lead- TX & South Central, Snapchat

Stephen has over 17 years of experience in the digital media world, and previously worked with AT&T and Facebook.  As the Dallas representative for Snapchat Stephen leads marketing strategy, building B to C relationships with a variety of national brands.

Michael Sparks Director of Technology, Genetic Direction

Michael is a technical leader, software engineer/architect, coach and mentor of software development with over 6 years of experience in the medical technology field.  He is responsible for building and growing the technology and team to support Genetic Direction’s growth.