“A close friend of mine has been raving about the Genius Den for a while. I dropped into one of the free seminars last night and was impressed across the board. Joe took great care of us by having a big spread of sandwiches, cookies and drinks laid out for everyone. The HR presenter, Hunter Lott, answered all of our questions and had us all taking a lot of notes. I left much more knowledgeable than I was beforehand so I will definitely be going back!”
– P Johnson

This is a great place to hold meetings or work remotely -this is your virtual office. There is everything ranging from open desk coworking to conference rooms available for any length of time – even drop in. The rooms are well insulated so quiet but with big glass walls so you can see what’s going on everywhere. A good place to make contacts and interact with those you might not otherwise meet. Very attractive layout, pleasant place to get a lot done. Joe’s friendly and easy to work with – give him a call or better yet, drop by and see for yourself.
– J Brown

“If you are an entrepreneur in the DFW area, you should not be missing out on what GeniusDen has to offer. More than just a co-working space, the frequent networking and educational events are incredibly useful to any startup looking for a helping hand. Joe and his staff are very well-connected and are always open and willing to be of service. The environment is relaxed and collaborative, and I have never left without having expanded either my knowledge or my contact list. I look forward to seeing what GeniusDen has in store for the future and hope that more aspiring entrepreneurs join the community!”
– K. Kulkarni

“I attended an event I found on MeetUp knowing very little about the Genius Den. From the minute I walked through the door I was openly welcomed by Joe, and was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm about our company. I will certainly be making a point to come through here on a regular basis.”
– J Van Oflen

I really love this space, lots of creative energy in one location. Joe is an extremely accommodating host who really cares about the people he interacts with. Very passionate about finding ways to help entrepreneurs pursue their goals in a more efficient manner. GeniusDen also has a great lineup of events to educate and integrate. They host events in their Event space, I believe they also offer the space for party rentals as a party venue. Great location in Deep Ellum, a uniquely artistic and beautiful part of town. Drop by and meet some neat people.
– WJ Pelegreen

“It was my first time to Genius Den for a speaker event by Vincent Dignan. Super cool atmosphere and nice people to add to that. Looking forward to hopefully more events in the future”
– E. Ho

It’s an awesome coworking space and shared office space! You can meet very interesting people @GeniusDen, discuss your business plan or share your ideas, participate in great workshops and amazing art shows. Just give it a try, meet Joe (the host), get some delicious coffee, stay for a while – and be careful… you’re gonna fall in love with GeniusDen!
– A Zgoda

GeniusDen is one of my favorite places in Dallas to work, network and grow my business. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the conference rooms and private phone rooms. And I have attended a couple of young professional events as well as hosting an event for a local non-profit, Big Brothers Big Sisters in the GeniusDen Event Spaces. The owner, Joe Payton, is a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to hosting and using the space for an upcoming workshop I’ll be hosting in a few weeks! GeniusDen is the perfect place to work and grow your business as a successful entrepreneur in Dallas!
– D Walton

“GeniusDen is a great business incubator, hosts awesome events and speakers that will help grow your business…any startup or business owner should give them a look.”
– N Yancy

“One of the best digital marketing events that i have been to. Very impressed with the detail and practicality of content. Thanks Vincent and Joe.”
– R. Rao

The GeniusDen is an awesome coworking space. There is a really nice vibe to work by and I attend great events here at the large event space they have. I often have meetings here or come to work for a day. It has a been a great place which provides facilities like phone rooms, private offices and meeting rooms as well. Also- the chairs are really comfortable!
– K Smith

They have personal, small office space options, event space, conference rooms, coffee, snacks, etc. GeniusDen is building a community that is focused on amplifying the impact of the business that are a part of GeniusDen. You can also get a chance to attend great business development trainings and art shows. Joe and all at Genius Den are very accommodating and offer a lot of opportunities to connect to other like minded entrepreneurs who assist each other!
– S Williams

GeniusDen has a great amount of space! Not only does they have a beautiful shared office space but also spacious executive offices and conference rooms. They also provide Mailbox rentals at attractive prices for a remote office or virtual office. Joe, the founder is so good at making everyone feel welcome and takes the time to introduce people who might be able to collaborate on ideas or businesses. It is a good community of people and entrepreneurs.
– A Ingwalson

“Pretty awesome concept here. Attended my first event and was blown away by the amount of insight shared”
– M Gravitt

“Great work atmosphere and positive encouragement from the founders of this space with a perfect location in Deep Ellum.”
– M. Williams

“Excellent environment to collaborate, share, net new ideas and ways of doing thing, and most of all being with like minded individuals — is priceless.”
– T Jacquet

“Awesome incubator! Everybody I’ve met at GeniusDen’s Startup Speaker Series is full of knowledge and are willing to share what they know. Place looks great and would be a wonderful event venue.”
– P Delgado

“This is one of the best places to CAPTURE knowledge and wisdom from those who have the experience of success and a desire to share it with others.”
– A Overbey

Got to use the facilities of GeniusDen while renting adjacent space for other purposes. This virtual office has a clever design with ample space for coworking and collaboration. Human needs are well handled with kitchen space and areas for relaxation while meetings can be held in impressive conference rooms. The customers also have an option of renting small office spaces which would fit in their budget.
– L Zietman

“The People are so helpful and friendly. It’s atmosphere is very relaxing and inviting. Who could ask for more?”
– C Tchandja