“A close friend of mine has been raving about the Genius Den for a while. I dropped into one of the free seminars last night and was impressed across the board. Joe took great care of us by having a big spread of sandwiches, cookies and drinks laid out for everyone. The HR presenter, Hunter Lott, answered all of our questions and had us all taking a lot of notes. I left much more knowledgeable than I was beforehand so I will definitely be going back!”
– P Johnson

“If you are an entrepreneur in the DFW area, you should not be missing out on what GeniusDen has to offer. More than just a co-working space, the frequent networking and educational events are incredibly useful to any startup looking for a helping hand. Joe and his staff are very well-connected and are always open and willing to be of service. The environment is relaxed and collaborative, and I have never left without having expanded either my knowledge or my contact list. I look forward to seeing what GeniusDen has in store for the future and hope that more aspiring entrepreneurs join the community!”
– K. Kulkarni

“I attended an event I found on MeetUp knowing very little about the Genius Den. From the minute I walked through the door I was openly welcomed by Joe, and was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm about our company. I will certainly be making a point to come through here on a regular basis.”
– J Van Oflen

“It was my first time to Genius Den for a speaker event by Vincent Dignan. Super cool atmosphere and nice people to add to that. Looking forward to hopefully more events in the future”
– E. Ho

“GeniusDen is a great business incubator, hosts awesome events and speakers that will help grow your business…any startup or business owner should give them a look.”
– N Yancy

“One of the best digital marketing events that i have been to. Very impressed with the detail and practicality of content. Thanks Vincent and Joe.”
– R. Rao

“Pretty awesome concept here. Attended my first event and was blown away by the amount of insight shared”
– M Gravitt

“Great work atmosphere and positive encouragement from the founders of this space with a perfect location in Deep Ellum.”
– M. Williams

“Excellent environment to collaborate, share, net new ideas and ways of doing thing, and most of all being with like minded individuals — is priceless.”
– T Jacquet

“Awesome incubator! Everybody I’ve met at GeniusDen’s Startup Speaker Series is full of knowledge and are willing to share what they know. Place looks great and would be a wonderful event venue.”
– P Delgado

“This is one of the best places to CAPTURE knowledge and wisdom from those who have the experience of success and a desire to share it with others.”
– A Overbey

“The People are so helpful and friendly. It’s atmosphere is very relaxing and inviting. Who could ask for more?”
– C Tchandja