Art Show Events featuring Chris Garcia and Hilda LaFleur

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About The Artists:

Founded by artist and engineer, Chris Garcia, “Evolinea Clocks” introduces the new face and function of time with hours and minutes shown in a linear light display that can be described as clocks disguised as contemporary minimalist art. Garcia’s clocks represents more than time and art; they embody creative change, visual stimulation and a journey through time.

Hilda LaFleur’s collection for this event is “Eclectic. She is a local artist with a 30 year teaching tenure – now focusing full time on art. Hilda uses a custom blend of oils and acrylics to bring bright colors to life and creativity to the canvas. Hilda gets her inspiration from places she’s been,  people she’s met, life she’s experienced and translates them onto Masonite.  The works in this collection will be her most eye-catching to date. While experimenting with her craft she has found a new and exciting technique that makes the colors vivacious and images pop. This event will be a great opportunity for you experience this display at GeniusDen for this specially designed show.

Bookings are closed for this event.