Bizologie Angel Event : How to protect your money with proper Due Diligence

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This is an Angel Investor and VC only educational event. Hearing a founder’s impassioned pitch is often compelling enough to inspire an Angel to invest, but should be taken as just ONE part of a multi-step decision process.  While VC firms routinely apply the concept and practice of Due Diligence to guide and inform their investment decisions, it is not as obvious nor as widely employed as it should be at the Angel stage of investing. The expert research team at Bizologie will present the various parts of the Due Diligence process you should consider before making an Angel investment, from free financial data sources to licensed tools available to advanced investors.  Learn what pieces of information are necessary to create a full portrait of your potential investment before you write the check.

Bizologie, LLC is a full service research firm based in Austin, Texas. With over 40 combined years of experience, Bizologie specializes in conducting due diligence and competitive intelligence research for VC firms, Angel investors, startups and ad agencies.

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