Dagmar Fleming: Psychology of Success – How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs- Internations Event

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What you will learn:

Do you get that nudging feeling in your gut – a big hint – that it may be YOU who’s sabotaging your goals? Are you simply fed up with being stuck with the same old beliefs that seem to be contrary to your dreams of success? Stressed out, overwhelmed, broke? Yeah, you get the picture. Fret no more! If you are ready to make 2016 a life full of happiness and abundance (yes, that includes $$$), join us on January 28th to learn how to reboot your brain and set it up for success.

During this interactive presentation, you will:
– Learn how to easily identify your destructive thought patterns
– Reprogram your unconscious mind to boost your success
– Practice how to manage your emotional state to support your actions
– Harness the power of conscious language to shape your reality
– Create examples of powerful daily habits for peak performance

It’ll be fun and your brain won’t hurt. Just bring a piece of paper for your notes and an OPEN mind. We’ll handle the rest.

About our speaker:

Dagmar Fleming offers a unique blend of international business solutions, global team management and executive acumen. Her 20+ year experience encompasses both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.
As President of DBF International Inc., Dagmar advises businesses in international business development, marketing and promotion strategies. Equally at ease with small as well as Fortune 1000 companies, Dagmar has coached her clients in goal-driven performance optimization, global market entry, events promotion, public relations, and marketing communications solutions.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and destructive thought patterns lies at the heart of Dagmar’s coaching practice. She has developed simple tools to effectively disable subconscious blocks and reprogram the mind for peak performance. By aligning goals with core values and success mindset, her clients are equipped to perform at their best and generate results in business and personal life.

Currently, Dagmar is in the process of setting up a non-profit organization focused on providing entrepreneurship empowerment programs in developing countries.

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