GeniusDen Art Show for Entrepreneurs

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Jonathan M Davis: With influences as diverse as Francesca Woodman and John William Waterhouse Davis, explores the relationship between Mythology and the Divine Feminine in new combinations of opaque and transparent meaning. Fascinated by the oscillation of zeitgeist, Jonathan explores deeper meanings of hope manipulated by defeatist hegemony, leaving a sense of what could have been. As shimmering replicas become frozen through studious and personal practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph of our worlds’ possibilities.

Aliester Moffitt: Influence by the human psyche and physical complexity of natural growth. Aliester is self-taught. Which helps as an Artist to fully express the imagination and use his full potential without influences or principles. In hopes to make the onlookers feel, to question, to think and to become non-judgmental by way of expressive art works created in oil paints and acrylics. Using various techniques such as palette knife painting and photo realism.

Michelle Dekkers: Michelle is programming director at Art Conspiracy, a working graphic artist – building stories through images for trial attorneys. She loves travel, top shelf whiskey, sincere conversation with close friends. Comfortable expressing herself in several mediums, Michelle explores geometry and abstracts in water colors – and an occasional bicycle study, or interestingly pastel angry bear.

Andrew Kochie: The paintings of Andrew Kochie are a synthetic blend between abstract and Trompe-l’œil illusion. Ranging between abstract minimalism to hard edge geometric abstraction, each piece reflects a balance of classical geometry creating fiery optical effects on handmade panels. Andres continues to show at GeniusDen and steps into a curator role supporting the connection of collectors with artists of Dallas. 

Bookings are closed for this event.