How to Build a High Performing Team: Gary De Rodriguez

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Gary De Rodriguez is the CEO of Peopleistic LLC USA, a Director of the Business Education Institute, a Research Fellow of the Institute of Mind and Behavioral Sciences, Executive Director of Leadership Development for Wisdom for Warriors and has over thirty years’ experience in leadership and team development. He is a published author on the topic of Humanistic Business through Bloomsbury Publishing in London and is consider an expert internationally on the subject of team engagement.

His strategies have been utilized by organizations such as Shell Oil, Kuwait Petroleum, Élan Pharmaceuticals, State of Nevada Board of Education, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and many more. Gary trains how to actualize the human potential through understanding the functional dynamics of emotion and behavior and how it translates to human performance.

What you will learn:

1.) The core competencies of the best companies in the world and why they have so successful built dynamic teams.

2.) The critical role of leadership in building high performing teams.

3.) The absolute need for ectreme ownership and accountability.

4.) Introduction to ICOM 4 as an assesment instrument based upon years of research on high performing cultures. Become introduced on how to use this instrument to laser focus team development.

5.) Understand the importance of using the Extended DISC as powerful insight into choosing the person for the needed roles in your teams..

Learn Meta programs which reveal the deepest unconscious filters an individual has. Through a few powerful meta programs questions you will have more insight into your team member than the team member has ever known about themselves.

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