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Good conversations echo. Some of the best are structured, inspired, or both. Part of the lingering message, the kind that moves through us like water – quenching and feeding and changing us – part of that message is the quality of the people sending it.

They are experienced and have personal – in their bones wisdom to share. Part of that message is the quality of the experience they had, and part of that message is the way they share it. If it’s a lecture, we resist. If it’s a story, we are drawn along, and we move to the places the storyteller has gone.

A simple way to describe a good mastermind is a container of trust, filled with people with good intentions and positive regard for one another, and with relevant stories to share. Stuff we can go act on and get good results, sometimes refrain from acting on and messing up.

We have a few structures you may find useful in gathering in a mastermind. We’ll put you with good people who can benefit from your experience, and who you can benefit from listening to also. We’ll be glad to share more details when we meet and talk about if it’s the right time for you.

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